Molecular biology webinar series

Optimize Your Reverse Transcription

Reverse transcription is the synthesis of complementary DNA (cDNA) from a single-stranded RNA template, a process mediated by enzymes called reverse transcriptases. Reverse transcription is a key step in numerous molecular biology applications. Thorough understanding of reverse transcription basics, different enzyme options, and reaction setup is critical to choosing the correct reagents and thereby obtaining high cDNA yields and quality. In this webinar we will review the fundamentals of reverse transcription, discuss best practices for reaction setup, and provide guidelines for reaction optimization and troubleshooting.

Topics covered

  • Basics of reverse transcription
  • Native and engineered reverse transcriptases
  • Essential reverse transcription control reactions
  • How to set up, optimize, and troubleshoot reverse transcription reactions
Nayuf Schmidt, PhD

About the presenter

Ana Dinarina, PhD
Market Development Manager, Molecular Biology
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Ana Dinarina studied molecular biology for her undergraduate degree. She received a PhD in molecular biology from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and University of Heidelberg. She joined Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2008 and during her tenure has held various roles dedicated to the technical training and education about key molecular biology methods and applications.

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