Variation in gene expression among cell types, tissues, and organisms is commonly examined by reverse transcription quantitative PCR, or RT-qPCR. In this process, RNA is isolated from samples of interest and reverse-transcribed into complementary DNA (cDNA). The levels of gene expression are then determined from the quantity of cDNA amplified by PCR. The initial stages of the RT-qPCR workflow, such as RNA isolation and reverse transcription, can critically impact the accuracy of the quantitation of gene expression.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Important considerations for RNA isolation
  • Tools for efficient cDNA preparation
  • Sources of poor RT-qPCR results
  • Tips for overcoming challenges, for highest success
Ana Dinarina, PhD

About the presenter

Ana Dinarina, PhD
Market Development Manager, Molecular Biology
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Dr. Dinarina studied molecular biology for her undergraduate degree. She received her PhD in molecular biology from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory and University of Heidelberg. She joined Thermo Fisher Scientific in 2008 and has held various roles dedicated to technical training and education on key molecular biology methods and applications.

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