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Transcriptome sequencing using the Ion Proton System

Transcriptome sequencing using the Ion Proton System
Understanding the structure, function and organization of information within genomes is central to basic and translational research. With the advent of deep sequencing technologies, it has become increasingly evident that transcription is an intricate and dynamic process involving a variety of RNA species, including short RNAs, polyadenylated RNA and nonadenylated transcripts. Transcriptome sequencing is the most complete and still most cost-efficient method for identifying and quantifying RNA from multiple types of starting material. In this application note, you'll learn how:
  • differentially expressed genes (DEGs) identified using the Ion Proton System were highly correlated with MAQC array and qPCR data
  • transcriptome analysis improved discovery by exceeding microarray sensitivity with enhanced discovery of DEGs

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