Webinar #5: A complete workflow for human cell line authentication

This is the fifth topic in the Applied Biosystems SeqStudio Webinar Series, ‘Sanger sequencing and fragment analysis made easy’.

The study of human development and diseases relies heavily on the analysis of dissociated human cell lines grown in culture. However, an increasingly acknowledged problem is that cells grown in vitro can become misidentified or contaminated with other unrelated cell lines. Analysis of highly variable short tandem repeats (STRs) provides a simple, inexpensive and highly specific genetic “fingerprint” of a cell line.

In this webinar, we describe a complete workflow for human cell line authentication by combining the Applied Biosystems AmpFLSTR Identifiler PCR Amplification Kit, gold-standard capillary electrophoresis (CE)–based instrumentation and GeneMapper analysis software.

Other topics in the webinar series include:

Steve Jackson, PhD

About the presenter

Steve Jackson, PhD
Product Applications Specialist
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Dr. Jackson has over 10 years of experience in genetic analysis technologies. As a senior member of the genetic analysis R&D team at Thermo Fisher Scientific, he helps develop solutions for the research and healthcare markets, leveraging varied technologies such as capillary electrophoresis, digital PCR, next-generation sequencing and microarray analysis.

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