Watch our free on-demand webinar: Diagnosis of PRRS virus infection in endemic and epidemic situations using oral fluids

This presentation will help you answer many practical questions concerning the use of oral fluids and will show the results of two porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) diagnostic studies in the field using oral fluids. It will also provide you with more information on how to interpret results obtained with PCR tests for the detection of PRRS virus.

Topics include:

  • Detection of PRRSV in the field by oral fluids
  • How many samples to be collected
  • Practical tips for oral fluids sampling
  • Other pathogen detection such as SIV and PCV2 with oral fluids

Speaker information

Lorenzo José Fraile Sauce

Lorenzo José Fraile Sauce
Aggregate professor in the fields of epidemiology and pharmacology
University of Lleida, Spain

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Lorenzo José Fraile Sauce is a doctor in veterinary medicine (1992) and holds a PhD (1996) in pharmacology from the Veterinary Faculty of Zaragoza, Spain. After receiving these degrees he worked as a swine and bovine practitioner for eight years. From 2004 to 2010, he was a senior researcher at CReSA (Centre of Animal Health Research, Barcelona, Spain) working in the fields of epidemiology, pharmacology, and immunology. His work focuses on bacterial and viral pig and bovine diseases. Since 2010 he has held the position of aggregate professor in the fields of epidemiology and pharmacology at the University of Lleida, Spain. During his career he has published more than 70 papers in peer-reviewed journals and presented more than 150 communications to international congresses. He has also served as a diplomat in the European College for Porcine Health Management since 2010.
Nardy Robben

Nardy Robben
Animal health product manager
Thermo Fisher Scientific, Netherlands

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