Discover the opportunities and challenges of implementing innovative liquid biopsy technologies for cancer research

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Webinar #1: Adding CNVs and fusions to a lung cfDNA assay: impact on oncology clinical research

Beatriz Bellosillo, PhD
Beatriz Bellosillo, PhD, Head of Pathology, Hospital del Mar, Spain
Kelli Bramlett, PhD, Senior Director of R&D for Clinical Next-Generation Sequencing at Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dr. Bellosillo discusses her experience evaluating an early-access lung cancer panel that detects copy number variants (CNVs) and fusions. Following her talk, Dr. Bramlett presents a new white paper that showcases the performance of the new variant types introduced in the Ion Torrent Oncomine Lung cfDNA Assay that Dr. Bellosillo evaluated.

Webinar #2: Evaluation of a pan-cancer cell-free assay to meet unmet research needs

Luca Quagliata, PhD
Luca Quagliata, PhD, Senior Consultant, R&D Unit, Molecular Pathology Unit University Hospital Basel, Institute for Medical Genetics and Pathology
Dr. Quagliata shares two specific unmet needs within his lab’s research that led to the eventual evaluation, adoption, and implementation of the latest Ion Torrent Oncomine NGS solutions for liquid biopsy.

Webinar #3: From qualitative to quantitative: experiences with a cfDNA assay in metastatic breast cancer

Liya Xu, PhD
Liya Xu, PhD, Postdoctoral Scholar, Kuhn/Hicks Laboratory, USC Michelson Center for Convergent Bioscience
Dr. Liya Xu discusses her team’s work using liquid biopsy technology for breast cancer research. Data is presented from liquid biopsy research samples from metastatic breast cancer, demonstrating integration of analytical variables of cfDNA samples obtained from the Ion Torrent Oncomine Breast cfDNA assay v2 and genomic analysis and protein marker data from single circulating tumor cells.

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