Reliable expression of recombinant proteins in human, CHO, or insect cells is essential for many aspects of biomedical research and drug development, but is often hampered by low expression yields that limit subsequent structural and functional analyses. The full portfolio of Thermo Fisher Scientific, from GeneArt gene synthesis to optimized eukaryotic/mammalian expression systems, offers researchers the unique opportunity to perfect their gene expression results.

In this presentation, we will demonstrate how our proprietary sequence optimization algorithm (Invitrogen GeneArt GeneOptimizer technology) enhances the sequence through a parallel, multi-parameter approach and then how our advanced expressions systems further maximize protein yield. Based solely on a digital sequence, we offer a full workflow solution from gene to protein to support your research ideal for rapid protein production early on during drug development.

Learning objectives:

  • How our proprietary GeneOptimizer algorithm results help enhance protein expression
  • Strategies for high-titer protein expression using highly advanced protein expression systems
  • How your lab can partner with Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dr. Stephan Fath

About the presenter

Dr. Stephan Fath,
Manager, Protein Service Group, Biosciences Division, Regensburg, Germany
Thermo Fisher Scientific

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