Rapid DNA Booking Station—Implementation considerations and best practices

Every minute that a crime remains unsolved is time for someone else to become a victim. With Rapid DNA, arrestees can now be identified or excluded in as little as 90 minutes. In this webinar, learn how to successfully harness the power of Rapid DNA in the booking station—from two experts with many years of experience implementing successful DNA databasing programs.

Topics explored by these experts include:

  • Key requirements for deploying a successful Rapid DNA booking station program, including live-scan fingerprinting and criminal history information integration
  • Building successful partnerships between law enforcement agencies and CODISDNA laboratories
  • Best practices and tips based on real-world testing in the booking station environment


Joanie Brocato, PhD

Joanie Brocato, PhD
Rapid DNA User Group Facilitator and Implementation Advisor

Chris Carney

Chris Carney
DNA Investigative Support Database Supervisor,
Florida Department of Law Enforcement

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