COVID-19 Testing Solutions: Addressing Challenges and Clinical Pain Points in the Lab

Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic created unprecedented challenges, and today’s lab managers need high-quality solutions to get critical answers quickly. That’s why labs need to have access to a wide range of testing solutions from a supplier they trust. Thermo Fisher Scientific is leveraging its scale and resources to offer innovative resources to address current and future challenges.

After the Surge: Driving Sample Processing Efficiency of Coronavirus Samples

Abstract: As the world continues to contend with the COVID-19 pandemic and a surge in the infection rate, labs are required to run more samples than ever before. But what happens after the surge, when infection rates decline but testing will still be a necessary component of managing the virus? During this presentation, Weston Hymas of ARUP Laboratories will discuss the clinical validation of a SARS-CoV-2 sample pooling protocol that can be implemented by clinical labs for routine processing of samples from populations with low infection rates.

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