Webinar: Polygenic risk score analysis for Alzheimer’s disease risk

The utility of polygenic risk scores (PRSs) is gaining researchers' attention for identifying individual genetic risk and disease risk prediction in Alzheimer's disease (AD) at both the early and pre-symptomatic stages of the disease. genoSCORE™ combines Cytox's proprietary technology variaTECT™, a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) profiling array built on the Axiom platform from Thermo Fisher Scientific, with SNPfitR™ analytical and interpretive software incorporating algorithms developed in partnership with Cardiff University to give a PRS that identifies any individual's genetic risk of developing AD from blood or saliva-extracted DNA. This can help in patient stratification for clinical trial research to develop targeted treatments for AD.

Learning objectives:

  • Select the highest risk APOE3/E4 subjects mostly likely to develop AD
  • Identify highest/low risk APOE3/E3 subjects for inclusion/exclusion in clinical studies

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