This webinar will provide:

  • An understanding of Luminex xMAP‑based multiplex immunoassay solutions (RUO) that enable the simultaneous detection of multiple soluble immune stimulatory and inhibitory factors
  • A more complete picture of cancer immunity in a blood sample, both on the transcript and protein level

Key learning objectives

  • Outline immunoassay solutions to advance cancer research
  • Discover cancer‑derived exosomes as novel class of biomarkers
  • Provide insights into immuno‑monitoring approaches to characterize and understand key changes in the immune response to cancer
  • Study mRNA cancer biomarkers using Invitrogen QuantiGene Plex assays for multiplex, high‑throughput gene expression analysis
  • Study protein cancer biomarkers using Invitrogen ProcartaPlex assays for multiplex protein analysis


Sigrun Badrnya

Sigrun Badrnya PhD
Manager​, Product Development
Protein & Cell Analysis, Thermo Fisher Scientific,
Vienna, Austria​

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