7 Steps of Protein is an online digital learning series for new and experienced scientists to learn about the wide range of resources that Thermo Fisher Scientific offers for key protein research application areas. This learning series highlights seven separate protein-related workflows or techniques every two weeks: expression, isolation & purification, gel electrophoresis, western blotting, immunoassays, mass spectrometry, and crosslinking & modification. The learning series is on demand now.

Attend this digital learning series to:
  • Access helpful resources, such as technical handbooks, webinars, how-to-use product videos and product selection guides, and learn about the latest technologies and techniques for your lab
  • Consult with experienced scientist to optimize your protein biology results
  • Receive special offers to save money on protein biology products
No matter where you are in your protein research, we offer all the products and tools you'll need to take your research further.