HTS Assays–Expand Your Choices!

HTS Assays–Expand Your Choices!

Choose from the broadest selection of HTS assays… or let us create the assay you need.

With the broadest collection of assays, high-throughput screening and profiling services, and access to customized assays and tools, your lab can choose the right drug discovery tools to meet your unique requirements and resources.

HTS assay kits and reagents
Choose from the broadest set of target-based assays
HT screening and profiling services
With more than 11,000 projects completed, SelectScreen® services offer the reliable data you need, when you need it.
Custom tools and assays
Get assays and other tools custom-made to your specifications from our Custom Biology team.

Use the form on this page to indicate the type of assay you need. Then, let us help you find the right technology (off-the-shelf or custom-made) to meet your requirements.

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Looking for an HTS assay? Tell us what you need and our drug discovery technical service team will follow up within two business days to discuss your options.
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Adapta® universal kinase assay
BacMam-enabled cellular assay (transient)
CellSensor® cell lines
Fluo-4 calcium flux assay
FluxOR™ potassium flux assay
GeneBLAzer® beta lactamase reporter gene assay
LanthaScreen® kinase activity assay
LanthaScreen® kinase binding assay
LanthaScreen® cellular assay (stable)
PolarScreen™ NR competitive binding assay
Predictor™ hERG binding assay
Tango® beta-arrestin recruitment assay
Z’-LYTE® kinase activity assay

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