b'Carrier Reporter SoftwareCarrier Reporter Software streamlines sample management, variant classification, and case review without the need for bioinformatics assistance. Variant interpretation and classification are quickly accomplished using multiple sources including ClinVar, evidence-based American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) rules, and proprietary databases. Classification of variants can be configured based on user-defined criteria and variant review. Variant review in Carrier Reporter Software includes links to major variant interpretation sources, allowing further investigation of variant significance. All classification changes are documented and saved by the software. Analysis can be customized to include or remove genes, variants, and the reporting rules for the different variant classes. Further, for a single sample, Carrier Reporter Software accepts variant-called data from multiple sources to produce a customized, comprehensive final report. Publish reports for individuals or paired results with the option to include reproductive risk calculations. Additionally, Carrier Reporter Software offers the option to export genetic findings, genomic coordinates, prediction evidence, and many other sample-specific data points for integration into a localWatch demolaboratory information management system (LIMS).Contact a reproductive health specialist CarrierMax FMR1 Reagent KitFragile X syndrome arises from silencing or genetic disruption of the Fragile X mental retardation gene (FMR1). Fragile X is a leading cause of developmental delay, making it a key target for carrier screening research.The Applied Biosystems CarrierMax FMR1 Reagent Kit reliably analyzes samples to determine the FMR1 CGG repeat status of both FMR1 copies for females and the one FMR1 gene for males. Combine with CarrierSeq ECS kits for comprehensive pan-ethnic carrier screening research.thermofisher.com/carrierseq 5'