b'NGS solutions that evolve with your business Ion GeneStudio S5 systemsThe Ion GeneStudio S5, S5 Plus,Three simple steps get you quickly from sample to data analysisand S5Prime systems are benchtop sequencers that enable sequencing of panels, small genomes, exomes, and1transcriptomes on a single platform.Library and template prepInterchangeable sequencing chips areLibrary prep, template prep, and chip loading with available for reads ranging 2M to 130M,30 minutes of hands-on time using the Ion Chef systemsupporting a growing lab demand.Built on Ion Torrent semiconductor sequencing technology, theSequencing 2IonGeneStudio S5 systems deliver simple, accessible sample-to-solutionComplete sequencing runs in as little as 2.5 hours with less than 15 minutes of setup workflows with speed, accuracy, andtime with Ion GeneStudio S5 instrumentsa broad range of gene recognition and scalability for all throughputs.3 Data analysisTransform data into insights with in-depth analysis, QC reporting, and variant calling using the Ion Reporter ServerLearn how Ion TorrentSpend less time thinking about sequencing semiconductor sequencing works and more time answering critical reproductive genetics research questions.Ion AmpliSeq on-demand panels Newborn genetic screening research analyzes DNA samples against a list of genetic and metabolic disorders. Ion AmpliSeq on-demand panels allow creation of configurable panels from a large collection of pretested genes covering a variety of inherited disease areas such as newborn screening research. Customize Ion AmpliSeq on-demand DNA panels from a catalog of 5,000 lab-tested genes of known variants. Quickly filter by disease research areas and subcategories of interest to populate genes. Practical pack sizes and customer configurations offer flexibility to scale to your project needs.Other investigational areas of reproductive health, including preeclampsia or endometrial receptivity, can be explored using Ion AmpliSeq made-to-order panels. Ion AmpliSeq targeted resequencing solutions run on Ion GeneStudio S5 systems create a simple, low-cost path for expanding your reproductive health lab services. 8 thermofisher.com/genestudio thermofisher.com/ampliseqondemand'