b'Analytical Validation Consulting ServicesThermo Fisher Scientific Analytical Validation ConsultingBenefits of AV support:Services offer fast and cost-effective analytical validation (AV) of NGS-based assays and panels to testing labs that follow industryAccelerate launch timequality standards and regulatory guidelines. AV packages include both wet-lab and bioinformatics validations.Reduce cost and add transparency Designed to support AV requirements for testing for your end-to-end investmentStep-by-step support throughout the AV process Achieve lab compliance with templates for documentationProject management by an AV specialistWorkflow training and optimizationTemplate documentationControlsData analysisAnalytical validation summary templateOptional: confirmatory orthogonal testing services We have completed more than 350 successful AV consulting service engagementslearn more at thermofisher.com/avPriority Technical Support PlanProduct trainingThe Priority Technical Support Plan provides your lab withFurther your knowledge of preimplantation genetic testing, carrier exclusive, priority access to our extensive global service andscreening, and instrument operation with hands-on workflow technical support team, with same-day response from atraining courses. Choose from virtual and in-person classroom reproductive health specialist. You cant afford unanticipatedinstruction, or hands-on learning in your lab, aligned to your downtime. Were committed to keeping your laboratory upschedule, budget, and learning preferences. Training can be used and running. preinstallation, to further or refresh knowledge, or as a post-install Workflows covered: follow-up with an application specialist.Ion ReproSeq PGS Kit for the Ion GeneStudio S5 System Learn more at thermofisher.com/educationservicesCarrierSeq ECS Kit for the Ion GeneStudio S5 SystemLearn more at thermofisher.com/instrumentservicesAvailable in North America and EMEA 24 hours, MondayFriday (excluding holidays).thermofisher.com/rhbyngs 9'