b'Fully integrated, high-throughput array processing Chromosome Analysis Suite (ChAS) software supports analysis for challenging genes View and summarize chromosomal aberrations across the genome, including copy number gain or loss, LOH, and mosaicism. Developed with input from leading experts, ChAS is designed specifically for copy number and The Applied Biosystems GeneChip System 3000 is a fullycytogenetics research analysis and reporting. We work integrated platform for conducting your research using CytoScanwith our customers, listen to their valuable feedback, and or OncoScan arrays.continually empower them with enhanced features to make The GeneChip System 3000 combines advanced design anddata analysis for their research simpler and more intuitive.automation to deliver high resolution scanning with minimized hands-on time. This comprehensive system includes the AppliedKey featuresBiosystems GeneChip Scanner 3000 7G, Applied BiosystemsAnalyze copy number, mosaicism, and LOH segment data GeneChip Fluidics Station 450, Applied Biosystems GeneChipat different levels of resolutionHybridization Oven 645, and a powerful computer workstationAutomatically prioritize segment data using installed with instrument control software. ACMG-inspired scoring When used with the optional Applied Biosystems GeneChipCustomize and load your own annotations and regions for AutoLoader Carousel, the system helps provide complete walk- focused analysisaway freedom for scanning your arrays. The GeneChip ScannerStore, query, and display historic sample data and 3000 7G uses a solid-state laser so it needs no external laser powerannotations for streamlined analysissupply or special cooling system and fits easily into a laboratoryDirectly access NCBI, UCSC Genome Browser, DECIPHER, benchtop. Accurate gridding improves data integrity. HighlyClinVar, ClinGen, Ensembl, and OMIM databases and othersconsistent scanner-to-scanner performance facilitates dataExport user-selected data in formats like browser extensible sharing among collaborators.data (BED), Applied Biosystems Affymetrix extensible data (AED), and variant call format (VCF) filesHighlightsHigher-resolution scanning from 0.51 to 2.5 m pixelsAPIs to push and pull segment coordinates in and out of automatically selected by array type ChAS softwareOptimal image uniformity and collection efficiency acrossAutomatic results file generation with zero manual set-up the entire scan area with proprietary Applied BiosystemsrequiredFlying Objective Lens technology Export data in ClinVar format for easy uploading into ClinVarCompatible with the AutoLoader Carousel for completeAnnotation track to complete the OMIM morbidity mapwalk-away scanning of up to 48 arrays at a time Cost-effective approach enabling multiple assays on a singleView ChAS training flexible instrument modulesCompact size for better space utilizationNo laser drift and reduced scanner-to-scanner variability Request aAutomatic adjustments of residual arc correction andChAS demox-linearity10'