b'Oncology applications CytoScan HD Suite for hematologicMicroarray analysis is a powerful genomic tool that can providemalignancies researchcritical genome-wide information to help guide investigationCapture chromosomal abnormalities and genomic instability, which of potential future cancer treatments. Unlike constitutionalare some of the most important aberrations in liquid tumors. The applications of microarray analysis, which are performed onCytoScan HD Suite assay is designed with 2.67 million markers for whole blood samples, microarray analysis of solid tumors iscopy number analysis, facilitating comprehensive coverage at the challenging because tumor tissues are typically formalin fixedexceptional resolution so you do not miss important aberrations.and paraffin embedded (FFPE). OncoScan assays for solid tumors researchDetect deletions, duplications, LOH, cnLOH, breakpoint determination, ploidy, mosaicism, and unbalanced translocations with Applied Biosystems OncoScan CNV assay and Applied Biosystems OncoScan CNV Plus Assay (previously known as Applied Biosystems OncoScan FFPE Assay). OncoScan assays are whole-genome copy number assays designed to detect structural variants that are not well characterized by short-read sequencing or targeted sequencing.Key featuresExceptional flexibilitydetect chromosomal arm aberrations, Figure 3. Solid tumors refer to a solid mass of cancer cells thatgains, losses, focal changes, LOH, and cnLOH in a single grow in organ systems and can occur anywhere in the body, forassay, helping to reduce costs and processing times example breast cancer (left). Liquid tumors occur in the blood, bone marrow or lymph nodes and include types of leukemia,Comprehensive coveragewhole-genome analysis of genes lymphoma and myeloma (right). with established significance in cancer and tumor progression as well as those with emerging evidenceRobust performanceobtain consistent results from lot to lot and operator to operatorBroad somatic mutation panelcovering 64 mutations in 9 CytoScan HD array analysisgenes (BRAF, EGFR, IDH1, IDH2, KRAS, NRAS, PIK3CA, PTEN, allows detection of copyand TP53)Low sample input and fast resultsget results in 72 hours number variations andfrom only 80 ng of FFPE-derived DNAregions of copy-neutralRapid analysisincluded software provides intuitive data visualization for hundreds of samples in minutesloss of heterozygosityOncoScan CNV Plus Assay offers a high-resolution copy number detection in priority cancer genesaccurate across the genome duringidentification of very small (50125 kb) to large (Mb) CNVsclinical research work-up of Learn how Dr. Madina hematologic neoplasms. Sukhanova used CMA combinedMadina Sukhanova, PhD,with NGS assays to FACMG, Assistant Professor ofidentify and research Pathology, Northwestern University,genetic aberrations Feinberg School of Medicine associated with specific prognoses in different types of cancer. 8 Watch the webinar'