b'The map reflects the number of labs worldwide usingApplied Biosystems Cytoscan cytogenetics suite.Expansive whole-genome cytogenetics researchAdvancements in cytogenetic technologies are providing clinical researchers with powerful new approaches to investigate chromosomal aberrations such as copy number variations (CNVs), chromosomal imbalances, and allelic imbalances. However, test methods such as karyotyping, optical genome mapping (OGM), whole-exome sequencing (WES), whole genome sequencing (WGS), and low-resolution arrays each have constraints in genomic coverage, content, or resolution that can lead to missed aberrations and delays or increased costs of chromosomal variant investigations. Microarrays that cover both polymorphic and nonpolymorphic regions of the entire genome can overcome some limitations of alternative cytogenetic analysis technologies by enabling assessment of DNA copy number alterations at a much higher resolution. 2'