b'Tailored cytogenetic analysis with chromosomal microarraysConstitutional applications Select a CytoScan hybrid-SNP array that is tailored to your application and detection sensitivity requirements. CytoScan assays featureScientific Spotlight: Learn Applied Biosystems GeneChip cartridge microarrays designedwhy GeneDx, a leader in specifically for prenatal and postnatal research applications.testing for rare genetic CytoScan arrays are manufactured using photolithographydisorders, switched to high-resolution technology, which produces arrays with very high batch-to-batchwhole-genome chromosomal reproducibility without probe dropouts that are inherent in somemicroarrays (CMAs) for prenatal and other array manufacturing techniques.postnatal research applications. Chromosomal microarray (CMA) is the recommended first line test by ACMG guidelines and is used by the cytogenetics community worldwide 2,3 .Detect chromosomal aberrations at high resolution with aThe hybrid SNP microarray genome-wide gene-centric design containing high density SNP and CNV probes.requires less DNA. This is Analyze your data with the powerful and intuitive ChAS software with enhanced analysis features, included free-of-charge. especially good for buccal Maximize operational time with the assistance of our world classand uncultured prenatal support team and dedicated specialists. samples. We have been able Hybrid-SNP array: A practical approach toto reduce the amount of complex problems in era of NGSDr. Catherine Rehder, Directorsample necessary by 40%. Clinical Cytogenetics Laboratory, Duke UniversityWe see fewer inconclusive Determining the genetic cause of diseaseresults and fewer repeats by application of single exon array as a complement to exome sequencingDr. Benjamin Hilton, Assistant Directorcompared to our Cytogenetics Laboratory, Greenwood Genetic Center prior platform. Challenging microarray cases and theThis saves approaches for analysis of unusual findingsDr. Stuart Schwartz, Strategic Director, CytogeneticsGeneDx time, Womens Health and Genetics, Labcorpmoney, and Learn more about how hybrid-SNPresources.arrays are facilitating resolution to unsolved clinical research questionsDr. Jeanne Meck, in prenatal and postnatal testing.Director, Cytogenetics and Prenatal Diagnostic Services, GeneDx6 Watch the webinars'