b'Genome-wide copy number analysis in one complete solution Identify aneuploidies, microdeletions, microduplications, and other types of chromosomal aberrations across the genome quickly and easily to support your research efforts. The Applied Biosystems CytoScan and Applied Biosystems OncoScan arrays offer a highly reliable, consistent, and sensitive genome-wide approach for high-resolution DNA copy number analysis to detect gains and losses that may be indicative loss of heterozygosity (LOH), absence of heterozygosity (AOH), copy-neutral loss of heterozygosity (cnLOH), uniparental disomy, regions identical by descent, and mosaicism. The complete microarray platform for cytogenetic analysis for research includes arrays, AppliedContact a reproductive Biosystems fully kitted reagents, instrumentation, andhealth research specialistChromosome Analysis Suite (ChAS). Target preparation Array processing Scanning Data analysisFlexible throughput DNAAutomated arrayFully integrated, automatedGenome-wide view and Flexible throughputAutomated arrayFully integrated, automatedGenome-wide view and amplication, fragmentation,hybridization, washing,array scanning analysis of chromosomal DNA amplification,array scanning analysis of chromosomal hybridization, washing, and labeling and staining aberrations, SNP variants, fragmentation,andand staining aberrations, SNP variants, and copy number labeling and copy number determinationsdeterminationsFigure 1. The robust workflow is aligned with your research laboratory workflow requirements, with processes that make it easy to obtain consistent and high-quality results.4'