b'All CytoScan arrays are hybrid-SNP chromosomal microarrays (CMAs) that contain large numbers of both SNP probes and non-polymorphic probes. Hybrid-SNP arrays, with more than 99% genotype accuracy, boost confidence in breakpoint determination and enable independent confirmation of copy number events throughout the entire genome. Applied Biosystems microarrays for research applications in cytogenetics analysisPrenatal Postnatal Liquid tumors Solid tumorsFresh/Frozen FFPECytoScan HDOncoScanCytoScan XONFigure 2. Applied BioSystems microarrays enable a wide range of cytogenetics research application areas.Hybrid-SNP arrays can detect these types of geneticDownload an infographic: conditions1 for research applications: See why not all chromosomal Suspected uniparental disomy (UPD), whole genome UPD,microarrays for cytogeneticscnLOH, or AOH are created equal.MosaicismZygosity Cytogenetic applicationsConsanguinity With advances in human genetic analysis technologies,Parent of origin (requires parental genomic analysis) various types of causative genetic aberrations associatedwith disorders can be detected thus heling provide valuable Twin-twin or maternal cell contamination insights into chromosomal abnormalities in constitutional and Allele-specific changes oncological samples.Sample heterogeneity, clonal diversity Prenatal genetic testing helps clinical researchers study Genomic contamination congenital anomalies or genetic disorders in the fetus.Postnatal genetic testing helps clinical researchers study SNP analyses are also used for: congenital anomalies, diseases, and developmental delays in Breakpoint determinationcases following birth.Mendelian consistency checkingProduct of Conception (POC) genetic testing of fetal tissue after the loss of a pregnancy helps clinical researchers study if Confirmation of CNV events the miscarriage was caused by a chromosomal anomaly.Oncological genetic testing of tumor samples helps clinical researchers study chromosomal aberrations to o guide investigations of potential cancer treatments.5'